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An Honest Ghost

My most recent work is an experimental novel called AN HONEST GHOST. The semi-autobiographical narrative consists entirely of sentences from other books. I limited myself to using 300 words per book (in accordance with Fair Use); never took two sentences together; never made any changes, even to punctuation; and attributed every sentence to its source in a list following the text. I stole from about 500 books. It is being published Fall 2013 by Jaded Ibis Productions.

"Reading An Honest Ghost is an exhilarating, percussive experience, proof that literature is capricious and exalted." Edmund White:

"An Honest Ghost is brilliantly conceived and brilliantly performed." Adam Phillips:

"An Honest Ghost is sheer genius, the uber novel, the ultimate palimpsest. It is a writer's truth and a reader's dream. Above all, it is a uniquely gripping read." Jenny McPhee:

"He has put the force back in tour de force." John Ashbery:

An Honest Ghost

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