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Membership in Ordinary Mind Zendo implies a commitment to a student/teacher relationship with Barry Magid and financial support of the sangha.

The recommended dues structure is:
$75 / mo. -- Individual membership
$150 / mo. -- Supporting membership
$10 - 25 / mo. -- Student, out-of-town, or low-income membership

We request that non-members offer a $10 donation for attendance at a Saturday dharma talk

Dues may be paid in cash, by check made payable to Ordinary Mind Zendo, or via PayPal to Please note that our PayPal address has recently changed.

Cash and checks may be left in the dana bowl in the zendo. To mail in a check, please send it to:

Ordinary Mind Zendo
c/o Claire Slemmer
107 West 74th Street Apt. BR
New York, N.Y. 10023

A note regarding online payment: If you use PayPal, please consider helping us to avoid the 3% transaction fee PayPal ordinarily charges us. You can do that by checking the option that adds the fee to your bill instead of subtracting it from our payment, or you can do an instant transfer from a bank account.

Please help us keep our records straight. When sending in dues, fees, and contributions, whether by cash, check, or PayPal, please note explicitly what you are paying for and how much of your payment applies to each item -- dues, donation, sesshin, fee, etc.

Ordinary Mind Zendo depends entirely for its operation and existence on the generosity of its members and supporters. We have no other sources of income. We hope you will consider becoming a supporting member of OMZ by pledging $150 or more each month in dues. We also ask members to make sure that their monthly dues are paid regularly, regardless of actual attendance at the zendo.

Ordinary Mind Zendo is a non-profit organization and all contributions -- dues, donations, sesshin and miscellaneous fees -- are tax deductible.

Thank you for all your generous support of Ordinary Mind Zendo!




Ordinary Mind is the Way
Calligraphy by Taigi Sano